Premier Pipework Ltd Premier Pipework Ltd
The Services
We have extensive experience
in the following industries
Government Departments
Food Processing
Confectionery Manufacturers
Ice cream Manufacturers
Steam Generation
Water Treatment Plants
Materials Used  
Types of installation work

Steam Generation

Vacuum Pipework
Steam Pipework

Hygienic Pipework

Chilled Water and Hot Water
Condensate Pipework
Pneumatic Pipework

Jacketed Stainless Steel Pipework

Fuels, Lubrication
and Process Applications

Small Vessel Modifications
Heating and Ventilation
Press Fit Systems
Other services offered

Insulation service

Supply and insulation of pipe fittings and valves

Steel structure modifications


Sheet metalwork

Orbital and coded welding

Solar energy installations

Removal and storage of industrial equipment

AutoCad layout/Fabrication drawings are available on request

Small Vessel Modifications

Electrical and civil works are also offered as part of turnkey projects when required